Built to last. Designed to adapt.
The first modular cargo system.

The state-of-the-art technology lets you transform lower deck cargo compartments of a narrow body aircraft from containerized cargo loading system to bulk system and back. With only one supplier for all parts.

You decide which system you need: one or both. It is entirely up to you.

Either way, ModCar makes cargo loading more flexible. It is an ingenious solution for today, tomorrow and beyond.


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different routes. different seasons. different owners.
a cargo compartment prepared for every mission

Benefits for the cargo loading industry


ModCar offers more flexibility regarding various kinds of cargo and can be easily implemented. Thanks to its easy reconfiguration, you can transform compartments according to your individual demands.


Due to its innovative quick-change technology with pre-assembled modules, the compartments can be transformed overnight. All you need is one interface, which will help you reduce operational costs.


We created a reliable and long-lasting system with state-of-the-art technology. The optimized design and lightweight components render your business more efficient.

ModCar – modular air cargo system – bulk loading system and cargo loading system

The ModCar systems – revolutionary for every mission

The pre-assembled floor modules allow for an easy reconfiguration of cargo compartments without any structural variability. You can reconfigure the lower deck cargo compartments from full bulk configuration to containerized cargo loading system even after initial setup.

And even if you decide on one system for now, you will always be able to purchase the other system later and benefit from the flexibility of ModCar.

Explore our modular cargo systems now!

ModCar – modular air cargo system – bulk loading module

Bulk loading system

Discover some of the details and improvements of our bulk loading system.

  • High-impact resistant panels
  • Weight reduction
  • Elimination of wet sealing
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Modules equipped with all necessary parts
ModCar – modular air cargo system – cargo loading system

Cargo loading system

Learn more about our cargo loading system and its improvements.

  • Latest generation of power drive unit
  • Electrical doorsill locks replaced with mechanical solution
  • Computer controlled system
  • Continuous side guide system
  • Conveying equipment improvements
  • High-impact resistant panels
  • Elimination of wet sealing
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Modules equipped with all necessary parts

First Installation




hours per compartment


rigging, shimming or special adjustments





hours per compartment


rigging, shimming or special adjustments

A product by Telair

We know the cargo challenges of today and the future. Our modular cargo system is based on expert knowledge, developed by pioneers and made for global players. Get to know Telair and its ingenious solutions for your business.

Telair engineer working with cargo loading system | Product by Telair

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